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Do Positive Self-Affirmations Really Work?

The popularity of positive self-affirmations soared in the early 1920s. Today, you are not likely to find a personal coach that does not believe in positive self-affirmation. However, can you really change your life for the better by practicing daily positive affirmation?

Positive self-affirmation has been proven to be beneficial in various ways. Self-help gurus use teach self-affirmation to their clients to help them improve various areas of their lives, including relationships, career, and money. The premise of daily affirmations is that if you repeat them over time, you convince yourself that they are true. The effect of this is improving your self-esteem.

Engaging in positive self-affirmation on a daily basis is thought to positively influence how the brain works. With regular practice of self-affirmation, you will end up accomplishing greater things. Various studies have also been carried out to determine the effects of positive self-affirmations.

According to the researches, people who practice self-affirmations are good problem-solvers and are not likely to suffer from stress. In a nutshell, self-affirmation is the process of identifying and focusing on your most important values. When you focus on your values, solving problems becomes easier.

For instance, research has shown that pupils who engage in self-affirmation are more likely to perform better in class than others. These studies are among the few that have proven that self-affirmation can improve a person’s problem-solving capability when under stress.

Self-Affirmation Can Help to Improve Your Life
Unlike what many people think, self-affirmation are not simply meant to help a person accomplish one goal. By engaging in the practice, you will be molding your life to be gratitude and positivity. There is no time when you can say you have reached the end of your positive daily affirmation practice.

When you engage in positive self-affirmation on a frequent basis, you will be putting the building blocks of your character. To begin, you become more aware of your daily words and thoughts. Therefore, you can be aware when negative thoughts start to creep in and stop them before they progress. practicing self-affirmation on a regular basis helps to put your life in sync. When your life is in sync, you will be more motivated to continue with positive practices.

Finally, you can get what you dream of in life when you practice self-affirmation consistently. It will be easy to realize your gifts and blessings when you consistently practice the affirmations. For instance, you will learn to appreciate the little but important things in life. For example, do you know that it is a blessing to have good health? Majority of people go about their lives without appreciating the excellent health they have. Practicing positive self-affirmations helps you to remember and be thankful for these seemingly small but important gifts.

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